Toyota Collaborator

Client: Toyota
Company: Google
Work: Concept, prototyping

This project is a collaboration between Toyota and Google. I participated in the prototyping and ideation while working inside Google's creative team The Zoo. This social shopping app allows car shoppers to get immediate input on their potential purchase by inviting family and friends to a Google+ Hangout interactive video chat. Up to 10 people can attend, and five can actively take part in designing a vehicle - choosing paint colours and features in real time.

While clicks are required to activate most of the Toyota Collaborator’s functions, the interior view of the car will shift left or right, depending on the tracking of eye movements. You can also take a virtual test-drive and see how your new ride looks cruising through your neighbourhood or whatever location you would like by entering the coordinates into Google Maps with Street View. If you want to “Talk to an expert” the app can bring a salesperson from a local dealership into your Hangout for a face-to-face conversation.

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