Client: Songkick
Company: Songkick
Work: UI, art direction

Worked as lead designer at Songkick for 15 million users worldwide. Native iOS/Android interactive art direction and interface design. Pushing design vision and iterating user needs and insights. 2017 Fast Company - Fifth Most Innovative Company in Music. Here you can see a selection of recent experiments, concepts and user testing assets produced in alignment with business goals, metrics and collected data.

Songkick Travel

Business goals

Create a fun and PRable experience to show off Songkick’s API in a creative way and at the same time solving/testing one of the biggest user requirements of being able to explore different artists from specific locations outside their metro areas. 


A web experience where users can specify a time window and a specific location. They can filter the results by popularity, distance and toggle between list and map view, having access to venue and concert details driving the traffic straight to the events pages.


Tracking artists user testing

User needs

Having more control over the results during the onboarding and feel they are being presented with recommendations that are aligned to their taste.


An easy to scan flow that allows the user to scan their favourite streaming services, track and untracked artists on the go, easily track and refresh recommendations, manual search and tracking in three simple steps.


Songkick Live

The event

A series of gigs ran by Songkick featuring various artists. Events will happen either in the offices or small venues in London and New York.


Art direction, interface, posters, swag and any other promotional material for the event.


Friends' plans A/B test

User needs

Sharing their upcoming concerts, finding out what friends are going to interesting gigs.


Clicks and interaction with this new page and functionality.


In alignment with the goals for this quarter we linked iOS and Android users to an external page where they were able to share and view their Facebook friends' plans and activity. Created a few different options and card styles and and we've ended up going for the one at the bottom.


Iconography redesign


Outdated icons look and feel. Could a simple and quick redesign of the existing icons contribute to a better perceived and more slick Songkick?


New grid system based iconography study.


Email audit and redesign


Overall inconsistency of all email templates in the ecosystem. Completely outdated look and feel.


Global audit and research bringing solid insights for the development of a design system based on classic graphic design approach to digital on screen design. Development of modular system, style guide, fontsizes, leading and general spacing for multiple breakpoints and devices.


More explicit CTA on artist page
A/B test


Users want to share concerts but don't know that they can do it with the share buttons that we have. iOS users take a screenshot of a concert page ~1000 times a day. If we draw more attention to the share option will more users perform the action? Are users screenshotting because we are not expressing how easy it is to share?


Visits from referral.


Tried to bring a global look and feel across both iOS and Android apps.


Sign up page A/B test

What and how did we test

We ran an A/B test on mobile users who were going through our forced signup mechanism while purchasing tickets. The research showed that frequently users would get to the page, scroll about a bit, and exit (and we wouldn't sell the tickets, or create any users). For the experiment, we therefore measured the number of users in each cohort, and fired events whenever they tapped on any of the buttons (Facebook, signup - at the end of the signup form, login).


Simple tweaks specially related to general spacing, leading, breakpoints and a better use of relevant content shown in the viewport.


We ran the experiment from the 3rd to the 14th of March. Over this period we observed a relative 14% increase (from 62% to 71%) in taps on those buttons (our proxy for successfully completing that step), and we're 100% confident that the variant performs better than the control. This is a huge result as projection shows an increase income of $470.452,58 per year.


Event module study


Outdated and overall cognitive overload due to bad visual hierarchy, alignment and spacing.


Development of a universal event module, clean and slick, together with new visual treatment for the “I’m going” and “Track artist” buttons.


Optimised iOS artist page tracking
A/B test


In a 4-5 journey funel, somehow the number of users arriving at the artist page and tracking drops drastically. The same does not happen on Android.


Clicks tracking interactions.


Considering the visual inconsistency between iOS and Android apps and totally different look and feel, I believe this might be happening due to the lack of contrast and visual hierarchy. For the sake of this experiment I purposed reviewing the overall contrast between the elements which brings quicker and better understanding of what that page is about.


Artist and Tour pages integration


Songkick is recently making Tour pages available to artists announce their dates and tickets allocation. However these are single pages disconnected from the ecosystem. We identified on HotJar users try to click on many different places in the page trying to access other pages with no success.


A modular integration of the Tour page/components into the Artist page. Also the introduction of new behaviours in the artist page and a cleaner look and feel. This body of work is not releated to the design vision but a tweaked and more polished version of what they currently have.

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